About Me

I started my professional career as a mining engineer in training for one of the largest industrial groups in Brazil (Votorantim Group). This initial opportunity allowed me to be exposed to a diverse set of challenges in a dynamic industrial environment, but most importantly to have access to an incredible pool of seasoned professionals engaged in high-quality mentoring relationships. I am thankful for this experience being fully aware of its key role in my solid technical foundation. Furthermore, it has given me the keenness to support and help others along the same professional path.

Currently, with over 15 years of experience in mining and having extensively worked in several stages of this industry, I hold the position of corporate mining manager for Votorantim Cimentos North America. In this capacity, I am responsible for managing mineral assets, including technical and managerial support for cement and aggregate operations in multiple mine sites located in United States and Canada.

I have a bachelor degree in Mining Engineering from Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) and a Master of Engineering from Missouri University of Science. I will be completing an Executive MBA at University of Nevada (Reno) in August 2016.

Please share your thoughts and comments and follow me. I am passionate about the mining industry and its contributions to the development of science and technology, the enhancement of social institutions and community engagement, the creation of jobs, reduction of poverty, and sustainable initiatives, among others.

Kind regards,

Ronaldo dos Santos


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